Workshops & Tours

Workshops and Facility Tours offer additional opportunities for in-depth, hands-on learning. Registration and fee is required, these items are not included in the Full Conference registration.

Pre-Conference Workshops

All workshops are half-day and take place on Tuesday, October 4

PCW01 Cooling Towers – What You Need to Know

Half-day, Morning on October 4. $65 per person

How do you start a cooling tower water rebate program? Is reuse water acceptable? What are potential water savings? These questions and more will be answered in this workshop covering all aspects of cooling towers from identification, operation, and rebate program development. Attendees will gain the knowledge and confidence to work with customers on these water efficiency concepts.

PCW02 Beyond the Report: Supporting Commercial Properties through Project Implementation

Half-day, Morning on October 4. $65 per person

It can be intimidating and frustrating to approach commercial properties with water efficiency. This workshop gives professionals the confidence, operational perspective, and technical knowledge to complete commercial projects. Attendees will jump-start a water conservation program with invaluable training on cutting-edge water management tools, proven support strategies, and complex equipment.

PCW03 Water Conservation 101 – Get Ready, Set, Go! And Hot Topics in Conservation!

Half-day, Morning on October 4. $65 per person

Water Conservation 101 takes participants beyond the textbook and into real-world application. In addition to covering program fundamentals and resources, this interactive workshop focuses on case study reviews, panel sessions with industry experts. Hot topics and innovations from industry peers can help inspire attendees to reframe their program or planning efforts. Group breakout sessions will provide participants the opportunity to make connections, engage with, and learn from peers.

PCW04 Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI) Water Conservation Program Development

Half-day, Afternoon on October 4. $65 per person

Institutional, commercial and industrial customers (ICI) often represent a significant portion of water sales for a utility. Unique opportunities exist for water savings with these customers. This workshop will look at ten areas, such as metering, benchmarking, codes and standards, highlighting where water efficiencies can be improved.

PCW05 Benefit-Cost Analysis

Half-day, Afternoon on October 4. $65 per person

Conservation professionals are always evaluating water efficiency measures to determine if these measures are cost effective and meeting conservation goals. This workshop will provide techniques, tips, and tools for prioritizing conservation measures, quantifying potential benefits of reduced water, and how to use these findings for more informed decision-making.

Facility Tours:

T1 Clark County Wetlands Park

Half-day, Morning on October 4. $65 per person

The Clark County Wetlands Park (Wetlands Park) is a 2,900-acre nature preserve built around the Las Vegas Wash (Wash). The Wash, sourced almost completely by treated wastewater that connects the Las Vegas Valley to Lake Mead, is a critical component in our water conservation efforts. Over the last 25 years, engineers and biologists have worked side by side in maximizing this incredibly valuable resource towards management goals that include: stabilizing erosion, improving water quality, and enhancing and expanding the aquatic, wetland, and riparian, and desert habitats for the abundant wildlife that relies on the Wash and its resources. These management efforts are accomplished through a 29-member committee representing local, state, and federal agencies, private businesses and public interest groups that make up the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee. These dedicated representatives work together to balance the goals of stabilization, cultural resources, revegetation and vegetation management, threatened and endangered species and public outreach. Come explore the trails of the Wetlands Park and learn about the full water history of Las Vegas (named “the meadows” by the first Spanish explorers) and how this unique water cycle will help sustain Southern Nevada’s future.

T2 Springs Preserve Tour

Half-day, Morning on October 7. $65 per person

Join one of Springs Preserve’s experienced archaeologists as they present the many highlights of the Springs Preserve including galleries, exhibits, facilities and venues. With stops at the Origen Museum galleries, the green buildings of the Desert Living Center, the lush Botanical Garden, the prehistoric archaeological sites and native wildlife habitats on the trails, the overview tour gives visitors a sampling of all the Preserve has to offer and serves as the perfect jumping off point for future exploration.

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