Hillery Francis

Conservation Programs Coordinator
Southern Nevada Water Authority

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Thursday, October 3 (11:00am - 11:30am)
(T-1925) Multi-Family/HOA Water Use Analysis: A Conservation Decision-Making Tool

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers water use analyses to large HOA and multi-family properties. Water consumption history and site characteristics are analyzed to provide recommendations to maximize water efficiency. Based on results, specific conservation programs offered by SNWA are offered as assistance.

Approximately 60 percent of Southern Nevada's water is used outdoors on landscapes. For large HOA and multi-family properties, water management offers great potential for water conservation and cost savings. One of the largest monthly expenses for HOA and multi-family properties is the property's water bill. For SNWA's water use analysis, five years of the property's water use is collected and information about the landscape is gathered. The results include recommendations on ways to improve water-use efficiency through general watering practice and irrigation scheduling recommendations, as well as information of leaks. This analysis also identifies how much water can be saved through new irrigation controllers or turfgrass reduction.

The presentation will discuss the methods and processes used for the analyses, with focus on participating communities. Challenges and limitations will be outlined, as well as outcomes for participating properties. Benefits of interagency collaboration to reach high water users will be discussed.

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