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Thursday, October 3 (2:15pm - 2:45pm)
(T-1938) Digital Transformation of Commercial, Industrial & Institutional (CII) Water Management: Real World Examples, Results and Impacts

“The better you measure, the better you can manage.” This quote from Bill Hoffman PE,
concisely describes the impact of digitization on Commercial, Industrial & Institutional (CII)
water management. Shifting understanding of CII water use from monthly interval to real‐time
water use measurement, analysis, and management has proven to drastically eliminate
resource waste, optimize costs, and protect assets of CII properties. This presentation covers
real world examples and results of how digitization is driving significant efficiency gains across
landscape irrigation, cooling towers and building water use in CII applications and Smart City
demonstration projects.
Incorporating results from a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) validation study of
the digitization/ automated analytics applied to a commercial property as well as Smart City
demonstration project with a medium sized US City and real world examples from landscape
irrigation, cooling tower, and building applications in most major cities in North America, this
presentation demonstrates the following:
1) How digitization creates actionable, scalable, and real‐time water management
infrastructure for the CII properties and campuses.
2) How real‐time digitization tools can be cost effectively merged with existing municipally
owned water metering infrastructure to cost effectively provide benefits for the utility and CII
property owners.
3) How rolling up real‐time measurement and findings can inform conservation and
infrastructure planning initiatives.
To save time for open discussion regarding the impact of digitization on CII water management,
this presentation will provide a concise orientation on how near real‐time data is captured and
processed, before providing a quick review of findings from the cited sources and then open
things up for an active discussion supported by real‐time data and case examples.

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